Currently the world's most widely used language is Chinese(Hits: )

World Record Title: Currently the world's most widely used language is Chinese
World Record Creator: Chinese
World Record Holder: Chinese
World Record Fields: Language
World Record Rules: The world's most widely used language
World Record Number: 20120100001
World Record Vlidity Period: Until the world record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag World Records certifier 001
World Record Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date: January 28, 2012

World Record Details:

   Currently the world's most widely used language is Chinese, according to statistics, the number of Chinese users of more than 1.6 billion, mainly in Asia, is the world's largest user of language, the use of a wide range of degree ranks second in the world.

Chinese called Chinese, Chinese, Chinese words written and spoken language contains two parts, the ancient Chinese writing called classical, modern Chinese writing generally refers to Modern Standard Chinese, many dialects, some large differences between the dialects spoken, and written language is relatively unified

Chinese countries and regions mainly in China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, Republic of Singapore and other places, according to UNESCO statistics, the world would say that there are about 1.6 billion Chinese National People's Congress is the world's most used population language (accounting for one-fifth of the world's population use the language), widely used was ranked second in the world (English breadth first).

Chinese is the United Nations recognizes the work of the six official languages, it is the voice for the standard pronunciation in Beijing, but not equivalent to Beijing, then, is to abandon the Beijing accent and pronunciation of some form, the lingua franca in the Chinese Han Continental called Putonghua in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan called Mandarin in Singapore, Malaysia known as Mandarin, but there are some differences compared with Mandarin

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