The world's first to have both design and utility model patents two heart-shaped lock is Mr. Pan Ende made ​​heart-shaped lock(Hits: )

World Record Name: the world's first to have both design patents and utility models, two heart-shaped lock is Mr. Pan Ende made ​​heart-shaped lock.
World record holder: Pan Ende
World record areas: heart-shaped lock
Record rules: heart-shaped lock (the shape of three-dimensional heart-shaped); except the outer cylinder and the spring-chip, are gold material; gold weight reaches or exceeds 300g; width, height, thickness reaches or exceeds 50mm * 100mm * 18mm.
World Record Number: 201209000006
World Record valid: to record was broken up.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag of World Records certified teacher 002
World Records Source: World record library to Carrying the Flag
World Record Certification date: September 20, 2012
World Record Details:
The same time the world has a heart-shaped lock design two national patents and utility model is the heart-shaped lock made by Mr. Pan EnDe. verified in Hong Kong on 20 September 2012.


















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