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       House, one from fresh tea, brick tea, a "Lu Yu" tea portrait laid out flat on the floor. Portrait of World Records under the tutelage of both measurements, read the entire image area of ​​174.42 square meters of tea, painting by hitting "the world's largest tea Lu Yu avatar picture" of the "world record."

Yuanling County, one in the old university activities indoors, "Economic Information Daily" reporters at the scene witnessed a "world record" the birth of the entire process.

However, many of the audience stood painting "little" portrait before muttering, "Give me one day time and materials, I was able to put a larger portrait."

"We are well-known Hong Kong Association, you do not bother me work." Association of World Records certified teacher Zhang Jian interrupted a reporter's inquiries.

The face of this obvious "watered" world record voices of doubt the masses continue to live, "the Hong Kong Association come from this?" "Why can certified world record

In the "Association of World Records," the reporter saw on the website, since 2010, began to frequent association of World Records as one hundred Lameizi issued chop pepper jin, the world's largest oil and other alternative advertising posters world record. Meanwhile, in its more than 600 certified "world record", the foreign challengers not see the figure, all the records creators are Chinese people.

The Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong SAR Government to verify that the association registered in Hong Kong "WO RLDRECORDA SSO C IA T IO N" property as a limited liability company, not its emphasis on "association" in nature.

The company website claims that the Mainland business activities by Guangzhou Brokers Association Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., however, reporters learned from the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau, this company registered in Guangzhou, legal division for the Association of World Records certified learning exercise However, the scope of business does not involve the "World Records certified" whose business activities can be characterized as unlawful range management

Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Hong Kong, 37-39, Fonda Industrial Building, Room 613, is the Association of World Records Hong Kong business registration company address shown on the certificate, but the Hong Kong Development Co., Ltd. Address Liying actually identical with the Association of World Records, are the office 613 rooms.

Since 1987, Hong Kong Guardian Property has been taking Fonda Industrial Building business roles. According to Guardian Property provide contact information, telephone interview with reporters Fonda Industrial Building Property Management Office. According to the staff, 613 room empty. Property registration handbook entire building, there was no association of any record world record.

Association of World Records called "Hong Kong headquarters" does not exist。

The existence of Association of World Records is not the case, the reporter learned that, such as the World Luxury Association, China Association for Engineering Students Eye World Eminence Chinese Business Association, China Association for Promoting SME development and other "world famous association", have repeatedly aroused questioned. Association of World Records as the representative to the many offshore shell companies, it is in carefully fabricated "World XYZ Association," "in Hua Moumou Association," and so mask under the deception mainland consumers. These "World XYZ Association," Behind the amazing consistency.

Registered in Hong Kong, nature is "limited liability company", has registered the name "Association," "Association," and so forth. Most websites only Simplified Chinese version, operating activities, mostly paid certification, issued a number of illusory international reputation and name of the business object is only limited in the country ......

It is worth noting that in these "association" of promotion, "limited liability company" in nature is ignored, "well-known foreign association" to be their best to hide their identities weight

Insiders said, especially outside Hong Kong registered company called "World XYZ Association," shell companies is not difficult, but registration "association-based company" has become an offshore shell companies to hide their identities new means.

Domestically, the company has a registered capital registered business license, business scope, office space and other stringent restrictions. However, reporters learned from a number of agents registered companies in Hong Kong and the United States registered company registered capital of no restrictions, and business scope can be specified, the threshold is very low.

Registered agent in Shenzhen, a company working Liu Xiaona revealed that "Hong Kong registered company registered capital completely free from restrictions, the name can be used internationally, the Group's other atmospheric representation, if the company name plus the specific countries and regions, and there is no problem

Liu Xiaona said: "In Hong Kong registered company simply provide a registered address in Hong Kong, a company secretary, the majority of agents registered institutions are able to provide relevant evidence, the price from five or six thousand to two or three thousand dollars, light Shenzhen, there are thousands of such an agency. "

"Hong Kong company registration, annual certificate of registration and annual updates only the registration materials, annual operational and financial problems do not involve so many people just in Hong Kong registered company, is updated annually registered, but do not conduct business." Told reporters Liu Xiaona .

In addition, some of the "association" website noted Hong Kong Telephone, Liu Xiaona said: "This is not surprising, agents registered companies can supply the customer a price Gatti Kong 'fly line' phone function is similar to the domestic call forwarding, call Hong Kong number, but can be transferred to the mainland telephone answering

Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau investigator often constitutional civil society organizations on the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, said, "association-type" shell companies are frequent, misleading the majority of domestic consumers is drilled policy "loophole."

Often constitutionalism that the existing "Social Organization Registration Management Regulations" introduced in 1998, taking into account the actual situation at the time, did not involve civil society organizations outside the registration and management in China. Currently foreign non-governmental organizations active in the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs to be filed, but the local civil affairs department of supervision and regulation in fact nowhere.

Taking into account the foreign affairs departments lack of association management terms, these banner of "International Association" on the commercial companies, in theory, only the business sector regulators. However, these "association-type" shell companies, its operations typically only used by the "Mainland agency" responsible, not directly to the identity of foreign companies registered in the Mainland, which has avoided the business sector's access to foreign- approval management

It is through "offshore association" status camouflage coat, use the "mainland agents" to avoid foreign registration, "association-type" shell companies cleverly avoided the civil, industrial and commercial sector to foreign nongovernmental organizations and foreign companies regulation.

Enterprise and Industry Bureau of Hunan Province, according to a Department Director Liu introduced, companies registered in the country, registered name can not appear in "association" word, because the association is registered civil affairs departments. In addition, the company name appears in "China", "China" and so forth can only be approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, for "the world" starts with the company in the country can hardly pass。

Changsha City Secretary Chenyue Wen said the Hong Kong-registered "false association", simply relying on the mainland business sector, according to the law banning more difficult to verify, civil affairs, public security, foreign affairs and industry and commerce departments should regularly carry out joint enforcement, prevent its organic multiplicative. In addition, the majority of consumers find suspicious of this nature, "association" after reporting to the business sector, positive for law enforcement agencies to provide clues and evidence.

Often constitutional revealed new social groups MCA regulations currently being drafted plan, the new regulations will inevitably increase the foreign non-governmental organization's management charter. Once the relevant policies and implementation rules promulgated at the national level to strengthen social groups outside the standard management, such painted "offshore well-known association" skins purses will seamlessly drill


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